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What Are We Asking From Developers?

In the last year, I’ve attended over 40 meetings with developers to discuss their application proposals and plans. I make every effort to begin meeting with developers early (within six months of the submission of their plans) to influence their vision and provide my one-sheet summarizing the major priorities I expect applications to address.

Here are the 8 core items I want to see in ward 18 developments:

  1. Architecture that fosters connectivity - People in our City are becoming increasingly lonely and I think a major way we can address the loneliness epidemic is by thinking about how we design our buildings to help people connect and interact.

  2. On site Community Benefits - Daycares, affordable housing, indoor gyms/pools/party rooms & gathering rooms for seniors to socialize.

  3. Parks & POPS - Creating new parks in underserved areas of my ward or expanding existing parks

  4. Safe Pick Up/Drop off zone - We live in an era of food delivery and ride share. Having safe and easy to access pick up and drop off zones are crucial if we want to prevent traffic and congestion from spilling onto our streets

  5. Prioritize Children & Pets - More and more families raise their kids and keep their pets in vertical communities now. Having indoor playrooms/outdoor playgrounds for kids and dog runs for pets are a great way to adjust to our new reality.

  6. Commercial/Retail on ground floor of dense applications - Let’s animate our streets and build 15 minute communities where people can walk within their immediate neighborhoods to get amenities.

  7. Market Driven Parking Availability/Car Share - The City no longer requires minimum parking in new development applications. But my ward is predominantly a suburb. So where research demonstrates demand for parking spaces: provide it.

  8. Underground access for pedestrians to Subways - Many developments in my ward are near current subway stations or future subway stations. I want future residents to have access to it through underground tunnels.


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