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Weekend Paving and Temporary Trench Restoration on Byng, Ellerslie, Wedgeport & Wilfred Ave

Date/Time: July 8, 9 am - 7 pm

The City of Toronto's work on Byng Avenue, Ellerslie Avenue, Wedgeport Avenue, and Wilfred Avenue is progressing well. This notice is to provide an update on the permanent paving and temporary trench restoration operations.

Permanent paving and temporary trench restoration work is being conducted over the weekend to minimize the length of time disruption to the streets. Residents are requested to not park cars overnight on the roads Friday July 7, 2023 to allow work the following day.

On Saturday, July 8, 2023, the contractor will be performing pavement-related work on Byng Avenue, Wedgeport Avenue, and Wilfred Avenue and temporary trench restoration work on Ellerslie Avenue. The work includes grinding the existing pavement, conducting road base repairs, and applying the base layer of asphalt paving. The Contractor is permitted to work from Saturday, July 8, 2023, from 9:00 a.m. until 7 p.m. The roads will not be closed.

When this weekend’s work is complete, regular work hours will resume. Thank you for your patience during this weekend work.


You may experience dust, noise, and other inconveniences. The City will make efforts to reduce the impacts. We appreciate your patience.

Road and Sidewalk Access: In order to complete the work in a safe manner, there will be road and sidewalk restrictions within the work zone. Access to emergency vehicles will be maintained at all times.

Driveway Access: The contractor will notify you of any temporary restrictions to your driveway access. If your property has two entrances, one entrance will be kept open at all times.

Traffic Management:

  • Road users should expect delays and increased traffic on nearby main and side streets.

  • Motorists are reminded that bicycles and cars will be sharing the lane. When driving, please be mindful of vulnerable road users.

  • Traffic will occasionally be reduced to one lane and brief, partial road closures may be required during working hours where active paving and trench restoration is taking place.

  • Signs will be installed at the entrance of any roads requiring closures. The contractor will have flag persons to ensure safe traffic on the street while construction is proceeding.

  • We encourage residents to avoid entering streets where "Road Closed Local Traffic Only" signs are posted, unless they reside on that street, in which case they may need to turn back and go around depending on the progress of the work in relation to the location of their home.

Accessible Accommodation: The City's contractor must ensure safe and accessible walkways and entryways are maintained for everyone during construction. Any temporary access disruptions will be communicated as soon as possible. If you experience a disruption, have a specific access need or related accommodation request, inform the contact listed below.


If you have questions about the upcoming work, please contact us and quote Contract 21ECS-LU-05FP.

​Field Ambassador

Janet Webster, 416-338-5497,

TTY Hearing Impaired Service


(7 Days a week, 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., closed holidays)

General inquiries



Thank you for your patience. Building a great city takes time. Better infrastructure for all of us is worth the wait.


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