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IE5.1 Two-Stroke Engine Small Equipment: Steps to Pursue a Ban

The motion to pursue a ban was passed with the caveat that there would be a pathway to transition that does not force people to replace their equipment immediately and also a discussion on our capacity to enforce such a ban. This motion is not in itself a ban, but a direction for city staff to explore how such a ban could be implemented, the impacts of the ban and how it can be enforced. Of 176 respondents to my survey, 55.7% were in favour of a ban, 38.1% were not in favour, while the rest were unsure. After this study is complete, the issue will return to council and it is only then when we will decide if a ban is even feasible. I shared concerns that I heard from seniors on fixed incomes who could not easily afford to replace their equipment. I was told this will be considered, as well as creating lending libraries as an option. We will keep everyone informed as this progresses. One neighbour said, “I switched to a cleaner, quieter and healthier battery powered lawn mower and love it. No exhaust fumes and much less noise so it doesn’t disturb neighbors enjoying the outdoors.”


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