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Encampment Updates

Our office has received multiple concerns from residents regarding the encampment tents that recently went up in the Hydro Field behind Fairchild Avenue. We understand that the presence of these tents has raised concerns about safety and security in the area based on the past experiences residents faced when they were there.

We took prompt action to address these concerns through standard procedures and were in close communication with the Manager of the City of Toronto's Encampment Office. We are pleased to report that the Encampment Office's team made an on-site visit to assess the needs of the individuals residing in the encampment tents, rather than simply removing them from the space.

Similarly with the single encampment that had set up at Edithvale park over the winter, both City of Toronto's Streets to Home Outreach program and City of Toronto's Emergency Management team made many on-site visits that ultimately led to proper provisions to address the individual's specific needs.

We believe that this compassionate approach is the right way to address the complex issue of homelessness and encampments in our city. We will continue to work closely with the Encampment Office and other relevant agencies to find sustainable and humane solutions that benefit both the individuals experiencing homelessness and the community as a whole.


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1st off all I don't appreciate Lily taking credit for the tent encampment behind Fairchild Avenue which is on Hydro Land! I was the 1st person to immediately check out this "encampment" that suddenly popped up! I was there in person and saw drug paraphernalia, stolen items, stolen prescription pills and I removed a knife that was at least 10" long! We contacted the TTC as they are responsible since TTC leases that land for parking lot West!! We had several emails and 2 verbal phone conversations regarding this encampment!! Lily was NOT INVOLVED with this specific one as she's claiming! That's exactly why Lily knew NOTHING about the items mentioned above! I removed the knife due to violent incidents…

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