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5-15 Tangreen Rd - Summary of Community Consultation

Summary of Development Proposal

The City of Toronto Planning Division received an Official Plan Amendment, a Zoning By-law Amendment, a Draft Plan of Subdivision, and a Site Plan Approval application to permit the construction of 7 mixed-use buildings. The residential gross floor area (GFA) is 229,226 sq m and the retail gross floor area is 852 sq m with approximately 1,910 sq m of public parkland. There are 2,518 bicycle parking spaces and 617 vehicle parking spaces.

Proposed is a total of 3,325 new residential units with a density of 11.4 floor space index (FSI). The existing rental apartment building at 15 Tangreen Court is proposed to be retained. There will be 214 rental replacement units.

Here is the slide deck Presentation:

5-15 Tangreen Court - June 19 2023 CCM Presentation
Download PDF • 9.53MB

Main Concerns Expressed by Residents

  • Questions about the rental replacement process - timeline, amount of rental replacement units, coverage of moving costs, likelihood of displacement, affordability of rent at new replacement building

  • Questions about construction timeline and construction management plan since Centerpoint Mall is adjacent and also under development

  • 11.4 FSI is too much density - for comparison, Centerpoint Mall only has 4.57 FSI (less density) with access to the Steeles subway at the corner

  • Community amenities - park is too small

  • Traffic volume on Steeles/Tangreen, on street parking problem

  • 2000+ bicycle spots? - Steeles/Yonge area is not bicycle friendly.

  • Work with Centerpoint Mall developers to facilitate access to future Steeles Subway

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