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Meet Lily Cheng

I'm Lily Cheng, your neighbour and candidate for City Councillor in Willowdale. I love Willowdale - it's where I am raising my family.

I'm passionate about building community. As a young mom, I started North York Moms, a community organization which now includes more than 7,000 families. In response to the van attack, I co-founded We Love Willowdale to bring healing to our neighbourhood.

Willowdale has grown into a vibrant and beautiful community, but with that growth comes its own set of challenges. Development, infrastructure and safety are key concerns. These challenges require a leader who understands the impact of these issues on residents and can make the right decisions for Willowdale now and for the Willowdale of the future. I look forward to speaking with you about your dreams for our new ward. Vote for someone who will champion our community on October 22.

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"Lily Cheng is an incredible force to be reckoned with. She started North York Moms and has grown it to 7,000 members strong. Through this group and her work in the community, she has implemented programs to connect kids with seniors, helped feed those in need, lead a community refugee sponsorship initiative, supported single moms in need with on-going resources and luncheons, and overall been a beacon of strength and support." - Nikki Lamb Tudico, Willowdale Resident and Business Owner

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"Our family met Lily 6 years ago, ever since we’ve been drawn to her contagious enthusiasm for family and passion for our community. Lily not only has our vote, she has our fondest respect. Thanks for all you do in our community Lily! We support you all the way!" - Victoria & Ed Wilson, Residents of Willowdale

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"We would like to highly recommend Lily Cheng for city councillor. We are residents of the Willowdale community for 15 years and have three young boys. One of us is a Senior Director at one of the top five banks and a full time parent while being deeply engaged in the school and neighbourhood community. We have personally known Lily for more than 5 years and can personally attest to her strong work ethic, her passion for her community and absolute integrity. We have always been impressed with Lily’s vision to bring people together and her success in building an impressive community of families in North York. Lily is not afraid to back up her beliefs with her commitment of her time and effort. Lily is able to deal with a variety of people and personalities, yet not lose her cool, remain impartial and still get the job done. We see that as a gift that will be of great value to our community in her role as city councillor. Lily’s passion, vision and love of her community is exactly what our city and ward needs most at this time. " - Warren & Patricia Mathias, Resident of Ward 29

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"I’ve known Lily for just over three years and was impressed with her sincere concern for people, she reflects this concern through prayer and action. I’ve seen her follow through on commitments, making a difference in the people she’s touched. I’ve watched her lead and motivate people to serve together for the well being of groups and individuals. I’m one of those people and am happy to continue to support her since her motivations are for others and not self." - Doug McDougall, Former Senior VP of Celestica