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We are thrilled to launch Participatory Budgeting (PB) in Willowdale this spring allowing community members to decide how City funds are allocated for capital improvements.


Tentative PB Neighbourhoods:

2024 - Newtonbrook West/Willowdale West

2025 - West Lansing/Avondale

2026 - Willowdale East/Newtonbrook East


Potential Ideas:

Park Benches

Park Lighting

Pollinator Gardens

Adult Fitness Equipment

Ping-Pong Tables and more!


Your ideas could become a reality! Each idea will be reviewed by City staff for feasibility and cost analysis. Then, everyone will vote on how the funding is allocated!


We are grateful for the support of Councillors Carroll and Moise who have successfully implemented PB in their respective wards.

Here is a tentative timeline for our Participatory Budgeting journey with both in-person and online engagement sessions.

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Don’t forget to sign up on our newly launched community engagement portal- This platform will be used for crucial information sharing and online engagement related to our Participatory Budgeting Process. Share your IDEAS, QUESTIONS and FEEDBACK in the Participatory Budgeting Folder on Willowdale Action Hub (WAH).


Your Participatory Budgeting Questions Answered Here!

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