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2023 Capital Budget for Parks in Willowdale

During a recent meeting with the management team of Park, Forestry and Recreation (PFR), the staff presented the ten-year capital budget plan for all the parks and recreation centres in our ward. PFR is responsible for delivering capital projects including: new assets, improvements and enhancements, and state of good repair portfolios for the city’s parks, playing fields, recreation centres, trails, ice rinks, pools and more. As stewards of these assets and infrastructure, PFR must ensure they are safe and accessible for the residents of Toronto to use and enjoy now and into the future.

Projects in Capital Budget and Plan, Progressing in 2023:

Goulding Park Community Centre, Arena

Construction Phase progressing. Community Centre renovations anticipated to be completed by June 2023 including pool change rooms which are being worked on now. Arena change room renovations will be completed by September 2023.

Caswell Park Play Enhancement

Pemberton Park Play Enhancement

Silverview Park Redevelopment Study S37

  • Scope Validation underway, Public Engagement anticipated to be completed by December 2023

Willowdale Park & Playground Improvements

  • Design Procurement Phase

  • Public Engagement and Design Development anticipated completion December 2023

  • Construction anticipated completion December 2024.

Lee Lifeson Park Expansion

  • Demolition of the house in the park anticipated completion by the end of Summer 2023

  • Landscape portion, walkways and sod, anticipated completion Fall 2024

John McKenzie Park Development

  • Design Development progressing. Demolition of a house that will expand the community garden is anticipated to be completed by the end of Fall 2023

Stay tuned for a number of community engagement opportunities that are going to happen around some of the major park developments in our ward! Our office is going to work closely with park staff to keep our residents as informed and engaged as possible in the process.

Our office is also working on exploring several potential Dog Off Leash Areas due to the significant increase in our dog population during the pandemic.

If you are interested in learning more about Parks, Forestry and Recreation Facilities Master Plan, you can read HERE.



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