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Participatory Budgeting Process: Frequently Asked Questions

Q1     Who can participate? 

The Participatory Budgeting process is open to all Willowdale Ward 18 residents aged 14 and older. Our ward is divided into 6 neighbourhoods: Willowdale East, Willowdale West, Newtonbrook East, Newtonbrook West, West Lansing, and Avondale. Each year, we will be conducting Participatory Budgeting for two neighbourhoods. In 2024, it's Willowdale West and Newtonbrook West. Residents in these areas can submit, comment/brainstorm, and vote for ideas.

Q2     How do I participate?

Our PB process is divided into 7 phases, as shown in the timeline infographic on our PB webpage. Each phase will have events across the neighbourhoods, each with its specific mode of participation, which could be in-person, online, or hybrid. Please note that all online engagement will occur through our dedicated community engagement portal called Willowdale Action Hub. Please ensure to sign up on this portal and follow the Participatory Budgeting folder for latest updates. Idea collection will happen through in-person events as well as online. Only those ideas which have an association with a Project Champion will be taken forward in our PB process. Who is a Project Champion? A Project Champion is a participant who submits an idea through the Participatory Budgeting (PB) process and collaborates closely with Councillor Cheng's staff to turn their idea into reality from start to finish. One of the key responsibilities of a Project Champion is to mobilize their idea in the community to gather maximum support.

CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT YOUR IDEA on Willowdale Action Hub!

Q3     What types of projects can be funded?

The funding source for the participatory budget (PB) process is either Section 37 or 42. PB projects are to be service improvement and/or new amenity and not state-of-good repair. Only capital projects can be funded including, but not limited to:

a. Park improvements (Outdoor fitness equipment, lighting etc.)

b. Playgrounds (Ping-Pong tables etc.)

c. Street furniture (Benches etc.)

d. Sidewalks

e. Pollinator gardens

f. Sports facilities

g. Dog Off-leash Areas

Q4     How do I vote?

Voting will take place in-person at various locations within our PB neighbourhoods. We will be hosting multiple voting days to give community members the flexibility for maximum participation.

Q5     How will you announce the results?

We will announce the results on Willowdale Action Hub, on social media and through our email newsletter.


Click on the link to watch our Participatory Budgeting Information Webinar:

Click on the link to view or download the Participatory Budgeting Information Webinar Slide Deck:

Click below to ask any further questions or share your feedback/concerns. You will need to sign up on to add your comment. 

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