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Willowdale Youth Council Update

On Monday, March 25, we held our first official Youth Council Meeting at St. Stephen’s Newcomer Community House. We are grateful to TNG Community Services who are providing space for our monthly meetings every last Monday of the month from 4-6 pm.

Twenty-six passionate Willowdale youth participated in our first meeting. They are eager to initiate change in their community. The students shared many creative ideas and solutions to local issues with a focus on community connectivity. Youth Workers from TNG Community Services and Neighbourlink North York shared their respective initiatives, which encouraged youth to begin thinking about how youth from across organizations and initiatives can collaborate for greater impact.

Three priority areas for action were identified by youth through a live poll: 

  1. Community Connectivity

  2. Mental Health Support, and 

  3. Community Safety

A committee will be formed around each priority area for members to identify action items and develop projects. We introduced the council election process; youth will write and present an article on a topic within the three committee areas in order to run for an executive leadership position. The articles will be presented in the coming months, followed by a vote to establish the leadership team. We are very excited to see the many youth-inspired community dreams that will become a reality through the council!

A big Thank You to Loblaws Yonge Street for sponsoring the snacks and drinks for this meeting!


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