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In our first gathering of the year on January 17th, the dedicated Community Liaison Committee (CLC) for the Willowdale Welcome Centre convened to share highlights and plans. Homes First provided an overview of the recent events and services offered to our cherished clients over the past months.

The property at 5800 Yonge Street is home to 278 residents in Building A and 132 residents in Building B, ensuring a safe and supportive environment, with separate accommodations for males and females.

During the meeting, our office announced some exciting developments:

1. TO Live Concert Support:

Following our request for assistance, TO Live has generously extended support by offering a total of 220 tickets across several upcoming concerts for the residents of the refugee shelter. We express our deepest gratitude for TO Live's commitment to enhancing our neighbourhood's cultural experiences.

  • The Mirror (February 15-18, 2024): 50 tickets (25 pairs)

  • Mrs. Krishna’s Party (March 13-24, 2024): 50 tickets (25 pairs)

  • Wild Up on March 27, 2024: 50 tickets (25 pairs)

  • Sing and Swing: A Jazz at Lincoln Center Presents Production on March 30, 2024: 20 tickets (10 pairs)

  • Eve Egoyan's Longing and Belonging on May 09, 2024: 50 tickets (25 pairs)

2. Hydro One Safety Update:

There is a piece of land on the south side of our shelter which appears to impose some safety concerns for the public as well as the residents of the Welcome Centre. In response to our efforts, Hydro One is actively addressing safety concerns at their site at 5798 Yonge Street. Their team conducted a site visit on Friday, January 12th, reflecting our shared commitment to a secure community.

3. Community Support and Engagement:

Thanks to the incredible generosity of Willowdale residents and the concerted efforts of Homes First, we continue to receive a steady influx of donated clothes from designated bins at two locations within the community, at North York Public Library and Hullmark Building.

4. Coffee Time with Councillor

In our ongoing commitment to fostering community connections, our office is organizing a coffee time with the residents of the Welcome Centre during this coming week. This provides an opportunity for our team to engage in warm conversations, listen to concerns, and address any questions from those utilizing the shelter.

For more information about the Willowdale Welcome Centre, please click here. 


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