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Toronto Heat Warning

Environment and Climate Change Canada has issued a Heat Warning for Toronto this week, with dangerously hot and humid conditions expected for the next several days. Make sure you're prepared with these tips to beat the heat: 

  • Drink plenty of water, even when not feeling thirsty. 

  • Go to air-conditioned spaces or other cool places

  • Wear loose, light-coloured, breathable clothing. 

  • Reschedule or plan outdoor activities during the cooler parts of the day.  

  • Consult a doctor or pharmacist to learn how medications could increase one’s risk to heat. 

  • Check on at-risk family, friends or neighbours, especially seniors living alone. 

  • Stay up to date on heat warnings and other special weather statements by downloading Environment and Climate Change Canada's WeatherCAN app.

If you work outdoors, become familiar with warning signs and symptoms of heat stress conditions and follow safe work procedures including drinking lots of fluids and taking rest breaks. 

More information is available in the City’s Heat Stress Policy and at

Please review these resources from RentSafeTO:

RentSafeTOInsiderNewsletter_Extreme Heat News Bulletin
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