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Sheppard Ave E Complete Street Project

As part of the Sheppard Avenue Road Reconstruction project the City is resurfacing the road on Sheppard Avenue East, from Bonnington Place to Bayview Avenue. The road reconstruction limits have since been adjusted from Kenneth Avenue to Clairtrell Road, for better coordination with future adjacent construction projects.

Inspection of the road shows that it needs repaving and sections of damaged curb and sidewalk need to be replaced to bring them to a state of good repair. Cycle tracks will be installed on both sides of Sheppard Avenue East, which will require the removal of the middle turning lane between Kenneth and Wilfred Avenue. Left turning lanes at all signalized intersections will be maintained.

The reconstruction work involves replacing the asphalt surface within existing curbs to improve safety and operations. This includes:

  • Reallocation of some vehicular lanes and narrowed lane widths to improve safety

  • Protected intersections to improve safety for all road users at signalized intersections

  • Widened sidewalks and enhanced crossings to improve the experience of people walking and to ensure compliance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act (AODA)

  • New transit features including accessible bus stops, new transit shelters and seating areas

  • Raised uni-directional cycle tracks on the north and south side of the road

  • New plantings and green infrastructure

Since reconstruction work is already happening and the entire length of Sheppard is a designated Major City-Wide Cycling Route, Transportation staff decided to bundle road reconstruction work with bike lane projects and do all of the construction at the same time. On June 14, 2023 City Council approved staff recommendations to begin the installations of 2023 bike lane projects. Construction notices will be sent out in late June 2023 with construction starting in August 2023.

Previously, public consultation events were held in November 2021 and March 2023, to focus on road reconstruction opportunities between Bayview Avenue and Leslie Street. I would like to hold another public information session to discuss the reconstruction work and installation of bike lanes with the community because Transportation staff have indicated to me that a few left turn lanes will be removed and I want the community to have input and provide feedback to City Staff.


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