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OLT HEARING - 5051-5061 Yonge St.


Date/Time: April 14, 10am

Click here to join the online meeting, access code: 692-665-589

*Once you enter the access code, click the black button that says join in this browser.

What is a Case Management Conference (CMC)?

A case management conference is a preliminary meeting that is held prior to an OLT hearing to determine key details such as participants of a hearing, key issues of importance, identifying issues raised by an appeal, outlining how a case is to proceed before the Tribunal, and setting a date a hearing.

Why is there a CMC meeting and who is appealing?

The developers filed an appeal to the OLT due to the lack of decision made regarding the proposal.

How can residents participate in the hearing?

Residents can attend the CMC only to observe and not participate in the hearing unless they request Party or Participant status. To participate as either a Party or a Participant residents are required to file a request form to the Tribunal: OLT | Participant Status Request or OLT | Party Status Request Form.

Typically, residents register as Participants because in this role they are allowed to provide a written statement for the Tribunal's consideration to say their piece without being required to present evidence or cross-examine expert witnesses. The statement has to be written 10 days before the CMC date. For this case, the deadline for a written submission would be Tuesday, April 4, 2023.

Who is the case coordinator for this appeal at the OLT?

Ryan Co

Case Coordinator, Planner

655 Bay St, Suite 1500, Toronto, ON M5G 1E5

(437) 217-9883 |

The case coordinator is the staff member at the Tribunal who is managing this Case Management Conference. If you have questions about the process, participation, or written statements, then reaching out to the case coordinator can be useful.



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