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My Revised Statement on Protests in Our City

A final statement was released on my behalf yesterday that does not align fully with my sentiments. Here is my personal statement in replacement.


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I know you have had surgery, but you can't use that as an excuse of "working beyond your capacity". Take a break while you recuperate which you are rightfully entitled to, but don't say that comments or statements your name was associated with don't reflect your true thoughts because you were "overworked".

Having "protestors" throw horse excrement at police and waving a flagpole as a spear and attacking a police horse and verbally assaulting our first responders is not peaceful protests.

STOP being wishy-washy, flip-flopping like your revised statement. Is that kind of "protest" justifiable in the law abiding country of Canada where truth to power and upholding of the law is paramount?

I am disappointed that your name was…


Lily, I thought you were a great representative of my neighbourhood, but since you support the unruly and violent nature of Pro-Hamas, Anti-Jewish protests under the guise of Freedom of Speech, I've lost all my respect for you. There is a large Jewish community in Willowdale and as a Jew (and a Zionist) myself, we live in fear of this 'Death to Jews and Israel' rhetoric. I sadly lost several members of my family in the Holocaust and it's absolutely shocking to see swastikas on street light poles and attacks on Jewish-owned businesses. There's been no condemnation from you or your colleagues for the brutal massacre, rape and abduction of innocent Israeli citizens six months ago. We see that you…

Replying to

Apparently on April 5th, Lily put out a statement saying that signing the letter in its final form was a mistake. Who would sign a letter, while it was being edited multiple times, and Lily says, "we did not have the opportunity to review the final version. We did NOT endorse the final version." Councillor Lily Cheng, should resign from the TPA forthwith. Being a rookie councillor, she should have known better, but I hope the residents of Willowdale will remember her hatred of the Police, come the next election.


I want to write a short note to express my gratitude for the work you, Lily, and your team are doing on our behalf. I hope you can find some rest for recovery. I join with many others to pray for your wellness and recovery. May you have the strength, healing and wisdom to do all you need to do.

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