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Help! I got a Vacant Home Tax bill but I live in my home...

Clearly there were gaps in the Vacant Home Tax communications this year. We will ensure these gaps are addressed at City Hall. We are also advocating for the waiving of the late fee. Thanks to my team for stepping up to help the many seniors waiting for support.

Many Toronto property owners are reaching out with questions about the Vacant Home Tax (VHT) and what they need to do to ensure they do not have to pay the charge. Included below are helpful Questions and Answers.


Q: Do I have to pay the $21.24 Late Fee? 

The Mayor and the Budget Chief will be recommending at the April City Council Meeting that fees for late declarations be waived to provide peace of mind and relief to the many residents who received bills in error. If this motion passes, those who have paid the late fee will be reimbursed. Q: Do I have to pay the Vacant Home Tax?

You only have to pay the VHT on your property if it was unoccupied for more that six (6) months in the calendar year. You do not have to pay if your property is your principal residence. However, you must declare your occupancy status of your residence annually.


Q: I received a notice in the mail saying I have to pay the Vacant Home Tax but I don’t think I should have to. What do I do?

You may have received a Vacant Home Tax charge even if your property is occupied.  This could have happened if the City did not received an updated declaration this year, or if a declaration was received after the property tax bills were issued.


If your property was occupied for more than six (6) months in 2023, do not pay the Vacant Home Tax charge.  Instead, please file a Notice of Complaint and upon receiving and confirming your occupancy, the City will reverse the Vacant Home Tax charge along with any interest that may have been incurred after the May 15, 2024 initial payment due date.


Q: Where do I go to complete the Notice of Complaint/Appeal?

You can do this online, in person or via mail. 


In Person:

  • Attend in person at the ‘Property Tax/Utility & Parking Violation Payments’ counter at North York Civic Centre, City Hall or other Civic Centres with your Notice of Assessment for VHT.


  • Complete and print the Notice of Complaint/Appeal form.

  • Mail to:

City of Toronto, Revenue Services

Vacant Home Tax Complaints/Appeals

5100 Yonge St.Toronto, ON M2N 5V7

Q: What should I bring?

Please be sure to have the following documentation ready in order to file a Notice of Complaint to dispute your VHT assessment:

  • Assessment roll #

  • Customer #

  • If you are claiming an exemption due to tenancy, new purchase, renovation, etc., supportive documentation is necessary.


Q: Can someone complete the Notice of Complaint/Appeal on my behalf?

Yes. The form can be done by the owner or someone acting on your behalf.


Q: What happens after I submit the Notice of Complaint/Appeal?

Once your complaint is reviewed and the grounds of the complaint are found to be valid, your property tax account will show that the Vacant Home Tax does not apply.


Q: If I do owe the Vacant Home Tax, when is it due?

The first instalment of Vacant Home Tax is due by May 15, 2024.



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