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BikeShare in Willowdale

Our office held a Willowdale BikeShare consultation in late May. It was clear to all who attended that Cai de Ridder, Senior Planner of Bike Share Toronto is passionate about his work! Willowdale is slated to get 9 BikeShare stations in 2024 with 3 more added in 2025. Most of the stations will be along Yonge St., Hydro Corridor and Sheppard. One station was supposed to have been installed at Yonge/Finch last year, but will be included in the 9 in 2024 instead. Please see map below. The city is also considering locations for E-Bike stations.

Some who attended asked for staff to consider expediting the installation of a station at Yonge & Finch. It was also requested for BikeShare to consider different sizes of bikes to accommodate kids so families can also enjoy the service, which has been done in Paris and some cities in China.


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Peter Low
Peter Low
Oct 11, 2023

With the 12 Bike Share stations slated to be installed within the next 2 years, it's proof that there is, indeed, cycling interest in this suburban ward. And with 5 of those stations to be put in along (or near) Yonge Street, it further emphasizes the need for a Complete Street within the Sheppard-to-Finch corridor (hence the ReImagining Yonge Complete Street, approved in 2020). This is, no doubt, an exciting time for Willowdale residents, to know there is a viable alternative (other than cars) to travel........and to further prove that cycling isn't just for the downtown core!

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