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5800 Yonge St. Updates

The 5800 Yonge St. Community Liaison Committee (CLC) was established to provide an avenue for the shelter provider, Homes First, to work collaboratively with local stakeholders and relevant City agencies to support the success of the project in the community. This includes creating positive relationships and working towards resolving common challenges as they arise. Our office was very intentional in ensuring that the CLC represents the diverse lived experiences and perspectives of our community, which is why we have representatives from the Chinese, Farsi and Korean community amongst our CLC members.

Our office also strongly advocated that SSHA provide translation of the Meeting Notes from our 5800 Yonge St. CLC into Chinese, Farsi and Korean to actively engage and ensure that the discussions and information are accessible to all residents of Willowdale, regardless of whether English is their first language. Language should not be a barrier to residents' ability to stay informed and actively participate in community matters.

Translated notes

First CLC Meeting:

5800 Yonge CLC Mtg 1
Download PDF • 238KB
Download PDF • 381KB
Download PDF • 319KB
Download PDF • 254KB

Second CLC Meeting:

5800 Yonge CLC Mtg 2
Download PDF • 202KB
5800 Yonge CLC 2 Chinese
Download PDF • 701KB
5800 Yonge CLC 2 Korean
Download PDF • 717KB
5800 Yonge CLC 2 Farsi
Download PDF • 156KB

Third CLC Meeting:

5800 Yonge CLC Mtg 3
Download PDF • 203KB



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