The strength of the community lies in the participation of its people.  We will build meaningful pathways to connect an participate to strengthen the fabric of Willowdale. 


The challenges we face require innovative approaches.  We will look to global inspiration with localized implementation to find the best solutions for our community.


Build collaborative roundtables across multiple sectors and regions to ensure we are building our community together and not in silos.


Our office will be service oriented. We will implement a customer service approach including technology that will ensure we are able to close the loop on outstanding requests.  With such a large ward, infrastructure is needed to ensure the best quality of service.


Data supported decisions will be made transparently.  Decisions will be made with an accessible consultative process and supporting research.  


We will always keep a posture of having a listening ear - especially to those who feel least heard and those with differing opinions.  Sometimes hard decisions have to be made, but we will always look for the win-win.


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