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Yonge North Subway Extension: Hendon Avenue

The Yonge North Subway Extension (YNSE) is entering an important phase of the project, as we get closer to actual tunneling! The YNSE is expected to begin tunneling in 2024, with subway service extending to York Region beginning in 2030.

In Ward 18, the Finch Early Works (FEW) project is a pivotal part of kick-starting this work for YNSE. This will prepare Finch Station for upgrades that will be made to connect existing Line 1 service to the new subway extension. The work will include:

- Installation of new traction power infrastructure required to energize trains on YNSE

- Upgrading equipment/electrical rooms (Back of House Rooms)

- Modifying the 'tail track' area beyond the station platforms

While this work is essential, there will be some traffic impacts for the duration of the Finch Early Works, which is expected to last approximately 7-8 months. The traffic impacts include:

Hendon Ave.

• Westbound full lane closure.

• New temporary signal at Talbot and Hendon Ave

Yonge St. at Hendon Ave.

• Closure of the North-South pedestrian crossing at Hendon Ave. (West of Yonge)

• Bus stop located on the NW side of Yonge / Hendon to be relocated approx. 30m North



Hylton Reiff
Hylton Reiff
Apr 24, 2023

Dear Lily. I would strongly recommend that Hendon and Bishop Ave should be re-aligned to create a proper intersection. There is always so much confusion when turning from Hendon, north onto Yonge with the traffic coming from Bishop, where the traffic turning south onto Yonge Street and going straight through to Hendon are all in one lane. Another suggestion would be a green turning arrow for traffic from Bishop to turn north on Yonge synchronized with the left turning arrow for traffic turning into Bishop from Yonge Street. Please take the time to observe this at rush hour and you will see what I mean. Your consideration in this issue would be much appreciated. Hylton Reiff 416-221-6946.


I continue to appreciate the updates we receive. Thanks

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