• Lily Cheng

Who will win TODAY?

Today (Monday, October 24) from 10am - 8pm, Willowdale must select a Councillor who will steer our community towards unity, hope, and empowerment. After weeks of campaigning, we have all grown weary of divisive politics, but it is time for all of Willowdale to make a choice.

The challenges Willowdale faces – affordability, traffic, congested community centres, and overcrowded schools require a leader who can reach across party lines, who can speak to immigrants and long-time residents, business owners and consumers, by working hard to ensure that every voice is heard.

I believe my vision for Willowdale – one that embraces all members of our community – is what is sorely missing in our democracy and the cause of our most bitter controversies. It is time to reject leaders that do not consult us. It is time to send a message to politicians and government bureaucrats whose opaque decisions impact our community that Willowdale deserves better.

I have a proven track record of bringing people together to solve problems as a community; it is my greatest strength, passion, and purpose in life. As I have knocked on doors throughout Willowdale, I have heard you.

I have stood with our Iranian neighbours when we reminded authoritarian governments overseas that women’s rights are fundamental human rights. I am proud to see "Women, Life, Freedom," signs posted throughout our community. As your councillor, I will amplify your voices and challenge other levels of government for more funds to address homelessness, mental health and addiction, transit and schools.

I will never stop listening to you. I promise to host regular community townhalls and virtual drop-ins, and adopt a customer service approach at city hall.

First, I need your help. We cannot thrive in a community where leaders are selective about whose voices are valued. But first you need to make a difference voting for the candidate who will make you a part of the decision-making process at City Hall. The reality of many municipal elections is that only a small percentage of our community will cast their votes. Toronto’s history shows us that those who vote often are unreflective of all of the interests in a neighbourhood like Willowdale, contributing to the repeated success of entrenched politicians, and more politics of the same-old, same-old. Tomorrow, it is time to break that pattern, and send Willowdale on a new, brighter path.

So, let’s do this together. Let’s make sure Willowdale wins this election. Please make a plan to go vote, and bring a victory for all in our community!

WHERE TO VOTE? To find out where to vote click here: https://myvote.toronto.ca/home

NEED A FREE RIDE TO VOTE?, please call: 647-969-8166

VOLUNTEER! Help us get out the vote. Come to our office at 5193 Yonge St., anytime tomorrow and join us in getting people to vote for change!

DONATE! Help us cover post campaign costs including an audit and final social media push for tomorrow! www.lilycheng.ca/donate

The photo at the top of this letter was a group of women in Willowdale gathering to discuss politics here in Toronto and the courageous women fighting for freedom in Iran. I am grateful my campaign has ignited in many people the desire to participate in politics who have never participated before. Let's all work together to make a difference - tomorrow AND after the elections. Change will only come if we work together!

Warmest Regards,

Lily Cheng

Toronto City Councillor Candidate Ward 18, Willowdale www.lilycheng.ca


“Alone we can do so little. Together, we can do so much.”- Helen Keller

How to support a grassroots candidate: Donate: www.lilycheng.ca/donate - up to 75% rebate!

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