• Ian Gerald King

Putting Local Power Back in Your Hands

Consolidating the Tools to Help You Limit New Developments in Your Neighbourhood

Written by Ian Gerald King

Did you know that several groups of residents in Willowdale have had positive outcomes in their efforts to limit new development projects near them? Probably not because we have no way of consolidating and sharing this news. Lily will modernise the Councillor’s Office operations, such that information consolidation projects are a standardized part of the service for Ward 18.

The Lily Cheng Team will launch a Knowledge Database on New Developments, in particular, to consolidate best practices from our residents who have had recent success in limiting new developments. In terms of implementation, the first step will require a coordinator to compile the information from resident groups, including: timelines, tactics, successes, pitfalls, and key learnings. With the foundational knowledge base gathered, we will standardize their presentation and further offer these templates as open-source documents for Willowdale residents to use when adding to this knowledge base. There will be a mechanism for the community to send us their insights, and they will be added to the website after review, and if needed, a follow-up consultation.

This entire process sounds simple to anyone who has worked in a digital venture or any company that has implemented best practices from the leading companies of our time. It’s unfortunate that governmental operations always lag behind their private counterparts in terms of process innovation. However, the Lily Cheng Team can bring the process upgrades that Willowdale requires for the digital age in which we are already living. As famed sci-fi author William Gibson once quipped, “[t]he future is already here – it’s just not very evenly distributed,” so a vote for Lily Cheng is a vote for the distribution of modern operational best practices to our Councillor Office operations.

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