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Updated: Jun 11

As I’ve been driving through Willowdale these past few days, I find myself getting emotional because these are no longer just streets that I drive by to get home, rather the homes of people I now share memories with. Win or lose, I have had an enriching campaign because of every neighbour I have had the pleasure of meeting.

Roy who is 96 and gardens in the morning and emails in the afternoon, Lita who is over 80 and took out her accordian and played a song for us, a grandmother who I tried to comfort as she wept over the loss of her son, a man who invited my team to eat the sweetest mulberries from his tree, the eggplants and tomatoes that filled my canvassing bag from peoples gardens, these are just some of the fond memories I have from these past few months.

As I think about each person and each conversation, I am further committed to my vision of BUILDING A CONNECTED COMMUNITY for Willowdale. We are not meant to live disconnected. And our disconnection, cynicism, and disengagement deeply hurts our ability to care for each other and solve the problems that we face.

Living in connected community is not just a feel good proposal. It must be the foundation upon which we create the solutions we need. Traffic, safety, development, infrastructure and transit — these problems require the voices, perspectives and ideas of our diverse community to be heard. This is the only way we can achieve progress.

I am tired of the angry and divisive style of politics that has taken over. We often find ourselves voting against things rather than voting FOR something. Let’s not believe in campaigns based on fear. Rather, why not choose to vote for a POSITIVE VISION?

I have seen the power of connection in the network I have built called North York Moms that now has almost 8000 members. Because of our connection people have found jobs, people have launched businesses, we have helped families in crisis and so much more. I believe in the power of connection and that is my hope for Willowdale.

Soon you will be able to cast a ballot — a most important and powerful expression of democracy. If you vote for me, you are voting for a vision of a CONNECTED WILLOWDALE where we know our neighbours, take care of each other, and work together towards a better future for everyone.

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