• Wenxing Luo

Developing Community-Based Solutions

Written by Wenxing Luo

We believe in the power of community based solutions. Every Willowdaler has a unique set of experiences, talents and insight into the issues that impact our community. By bringing together these perspectives, we can come up with effective solutions together.

A community’s problems should be solved by the community’s own solutions, not by a decision makers that have no relationship with the community and do not spend time listening to the people who live here. A successful solution is the result of effective communication among residents, the evaluation of needs and local conditions, the inclusion of local experts, and ultimately, the cooperation of its residents and stakeholders. As such, community-based solutions recognize and respect Willowdale residents’ agency in the community they live in and, thus make democracy happen in everyday life!

To achieve our mission, we will design community-based solutions through the establishment of a Willowdale Community Poverty Alleviation Roundtable to identify needs, set priorities, and create timelines. No matter the difficulties, we strongly believe that the only way to address these issues is from the ground up!

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