• Ian Gerald King

Being Here for You: An Accessible Representative

Fostering More Opportunities for You to Connect with Your Councillor

Written by Ian Gerald King

When we pour sugar into our coffee, granulated sugar dissolves faster than sugar cubes: by breaking the cubes into smaller pieces we increase the surface area of the contact between the sugar and our beverage. Furthermore, in granulated form, every granule of sugar is in contact with the coffee. Let the “coffee” be Willowdale’s Councillor Office and let the “sugar” be our community’s opinions on the state of Willowdale: our concerns, our insights, and our proposals for Ward 18. Having too few opportunities for interaction means that all of our thoughts for Willowdale get chunked into “sugar cubes” that cannot easily be processed into the Councillor Office (aka the “coffee”). The more “granulated” we can make the opportunities for interaction, the more certain we will be that our perspectives are reaching the Councillor Office.

What the Lily Cheng Team can promise, initially, is at least one online Community Townhall meeting per month, with dial in options. Should the demand exist, the Community Townhall frequency can evolve to being every other week, alternating between the online and in-person channels.

We wish to make the Community Townhall meetings a vehicle for you to keep your Councillor accountable to your needs. We are all stakeholders in Willowdale Ward 18, holding common ground and seated at the same table.

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