To bring progress to Willowdale, we need to build a  connected community  across languages and cultures so we can:
  • Know our neighbours
  • Increase safety
  • Be responsive to challenges
  • Strengthen civic engagement
  • Make informed decisions

Build a Connected Community


An Office That Works for You

*Click on blue bars for further details on each platform category. Please note: This platform is a living document subject to change as more ideas and information is gathered.  If you have a great idea you would like to add, please email:

Willowdale for Families 


Transportation for Everyone


Community Safety


Success for Businesses


A Sustainable Future

Mountain View

Poverty Alleviation

  • STRENGTHEN NEIGHBOURHOOD ASSOCIATIONS including a regular neighbourhood association and condo board roundtable to cross pollinate ideas and discuss shared issues.  Support succession planning for associations.

  • FACILITATE NEW INDEPENDENT NEIGHBOURHOOD ASSOCIATIONS in areas that are not represented by an association.

  • STRENGTHEN COMMUNITY BUILDING IN VERTICAL COMMUNITIES. (See "Hey Neighbour Collective from Vancouver" below)

  • CREATE PARTNERSHIPS BETWEEN LOCAL BUSINESS AND LOCAL COMMUNITY GROUPS for small scale neighbourhood events that foster connectivity in the different pockets of Willowdale.

  • ADVOCATE FOR DESIGNS IN PARKS AND NEW DEVELOPMENTS THAT FOSTER SOCIAL CONNECTIVITY.  Work with developers and park designers to ensure new projects incorporate designs that foster social connectivity

  • BUILD HYPER LOCAL CLUSTERS OF CONNECTIVITY by identifying community champions to create networks across platforms of choice.  

  • DEVELOP A NEW NEIGHBOUR WELCOME PATHWAY that ensures all newly arrived Willowdalers (renters and owners) know how to get connected and have meaningful pathways to connect to neighbours and be engaged.

  • CREATE A NEIGHBOURHOOD STRATEGY with the help of the Tamarack Institute to identify shared goals and vision for our community.

NEW IDEA TO MAKE ENGAGEMENT EASIER: We will facilitate the building of neighbourhood networks on WhatsApp, Facebook, Telegram, Nextdoor, WeChat, KaKao Chat and Email Groups.



  • IMPLEMENT CUSTOMER SERVICE SOFTWARE in the councillor’s office so all phone calls and emails will be tracked with a unique identifying number to ensure calls do not fall through the cracks.

  • CREATE A LOCAL CONSTRUCTION TRACKING PORTAL where the community can be updated on their timeline and impact on the community

  • CREATE A KNOWLEDGE DATABASE FOR RESIDENTS dealing with new developments in their neighbourhood.  Some groups of residents have had positive outcomes in their efforts to stop or limit projects near them. This knowledge should be consolidated so residents can easily access information to strengthen their ability to advocate.

  • HOST REGULAR COMMUNITY TOWNHALLS and virtual drop-ins for residents to connect with their councillor and staff.

An Office That Works for You

  • MORE CITY INFRASTRUCTURE & SERVICES TO MEET THE NEEDS OF OUR GROWING POPULATION such as more daycare spots, community centre programs, senior services and green spaces.

  • IMPROVE OUR PARK SPACES including adding washrooms and splash pads with design input from community members.

  • CREATE MORE DOG PARKS designed with input from local dog owners, especially in the Avondale/Harrison Garden area.

  • ADVOCATE FOR A NEW MIDDLE/HIGH SCHOOL WITH A COMMUNITY CENTRE to be built in the TDSB maintenance building beside Avondale Public School.

  • ROTATE VACCINATION CLINIC from Mitchell Field to another site. The surrounding community has done a lot to support this public health measure, but many nearby seniors and children have not had access to Mitchell Field facilities and programs during this time. 

Willowdale for Families 


  • MAKE STREETS SAFER for pedestrians, bikes and cars.

  • INITIATE A WILLOWDALE COMMUNITY TRAFFIC STUDY focusing on community wide implementation of measures for traffic calming, accident reduction and increasing traffic flow.

  • INSTALL TRAFFIC CALMING MEASURES on residential roads with low cost flex stakes, similar to those used in Ottawa and Kingston.

  • SUPPORT SHEPPARD LINE EXTENSION to Sheppard West station (formerly called Downsview Station). This will relieve congestion on the Yonge line.

  • WORK WITH all levels of government to fix the Yonge/401 interchange 

  • MAXIMIZE SAFETY, PUBLIC SPACES AND MINIMIZE IMPACT ON LOCAL BUSINESSES AND TRAFFIC by piloting Transform Yonge. This will include a pilot of bike lanes on Yonge AND Doris/Beecroft.  Data and feedback will be tracked with drivers, bike riders, pedestrians, local businesses as well as traffic data.

  • PERFORM A REGULAR WALK AUDIT of Yonge Street with the inclusion of seniors and young families to determine gaps in pedestrian safety, and accessibility.

  • ADDRESS TRAFFIC IN HARRISON GARDEN/AVONDALE community of almost 20K residents who currently inadequate roadway connections in and out of Avondale.  Doris South extension to Avondale Ave. needs to be expedited for this community.

Transportation for Everyone


  • IMMEDIATELY HOLD COMMUNITY SAFETY TOWNHALL to address numerous safety concerns expressed by residents along Yonge street. Work in collaboration with local shelter staff, mental health workers, local law enforcement, residents and other community stakeholders. Regular community safety townhalls will be scheduled thereafter. Advocate for more transparency and open communication about the impact of shelters on surrounding communities as well as the establishment of a Community Liaison Committee.

  • CHAMPION THE AUGMENTATION of resources for women leaving abusive relationships especially shelter space. 

  • PUSH FOR PLATFORM SCREEN DOORS to be installed across the TTC.

  • EXPEDITE STUDY & PILOT OF NOISE PHOTO RADAR to decrease the use of noisy aftermarket mufflers that create unnecessary noise in our community.

Community Safety

  • ESTABLISH WILLOWDALE ENTREPRENEURIAL NETWORK and develop a hub for networking and innovation.

  • WORK WITH THE WILLOWDALE BIA to promote local businesses including a large scale event such as Willowdale Food Festival or Taste of Willowdale

  • WORK WITH COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS experiencing vacancies on attracting new tenants and job creation opportunities.

Success for Businesses

  • CREATE WILLOWDALE CLIMATE ACTION GOALS by establishing a Willowdale Community Climate Action Roundtable that includes condo board members, local businesses, students and concerned citizens. 

  • INCREASE TREE CANOPY by working with schools, families and businesses to plan a community tree planting initiative.

  • END BLACK PLASTIC going into landfill sites. Either The City of Toronto develops the capacity to recycle black plastic OR require restaurants to use take-out containers that are recyclable by the city.  In the interim, we can advocate for local restaurants to use containers recyclable by the City of Toronto OR implement a local black plastic recycling program.

  • LAUNCH OpenStreets TO with Willowdale BIA in Willowdale on one Sunday in the summer.

  • PROMOTE ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION activities that give people the opportunity to experience its benefits including the installation of Bike Share along the hydro corridor and near bike lanes.

A Sustainable Future

  • DESIGN COMMUNITY BASED SOLUTIONS through the establishment of a Willowdale Community Poverty Alleviation Roundtable to identify needs and set priorities.    

  • IMPROVE TORONTO COMMUNITY HOUSING OPERATIONS to provide better support and dignity to tenants.

  • ADVOCATE FOR SMALLER SCALE SUPPORTIVE HOUSING and MIXED INCOME AND UNIT SIZE MODULAR HOUSING models to support vulnerable populations. (See article by former Mayor John Sewell below)  


  • CHALLENGE THE PROVINCIAL GOVERNMENT to address homelessness, mental health and addiction with appropriate supports and funding. 


  • INCREASE HOUSING by working with the community on gentle density parameters for the neighbourhood centered around reasonable and feasible zoning amendments.

  • EXPAND and EXPEDITE INCLUSIONARY ZONING to include projects that are further from Protected Major Transit Station Areas than what is currently covered.

  • BUILD THE MISSING MIDDLE (lower density midrise) with commercial on the first floor along arterial roads such as Finch and Steeles.  This will also help to create more walkable communities.

  • BUILD A STRONG COMMUNITY LIAISON COMMITTEE for the Refugee Shelter that has already been approved for Novotel (3 Park Home) to ensure open and responsive communication between the shelter and the community.  

  • ENSURE STRONG PATHWAYS ARE CREATED for strong community engagement and involvement in the 3 Park Home Refugee Shelter to support our new neighbours and for Willowdalers to have clear pathways to be involved.

  • FIGHT TO KEEP NO FRILLS when Centrepoint Mall is developed.


  • ENSURE SENIORS AT WILLOWDALE MANOR ARE HEARD with regard to proposed Modular Supportive Housing.  We should not ignore their voices and concerns.

Poverty Alleviation &


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