Meet Lily

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For Our Community

I'm Lily Cheng, your neighbour and candidate for City Councillor in the new Ward 29. I love Willowdale - it's where I am raising my family.

I'm passionate about building community. As a young mom, I started North York Moms, a community organization which now includes more than 7,000 families. In response to the van attack, I co-founded We Love Willowdale to bring healing to our neighbourhood.

Willowdale has grown into a vibrant and beautiful community, but with that growth comes its own set of challenges. Development, infrastructure and safety are key concerns. These challenges require a leader who understands the impact of these issues on residents and can make the right decisions for Willowdale now and for the Willowdale of the future. I look forward to speaking with you about your dreams for our new ward. Vote for someone who will champion our community on October 22.


About Lily Cheng

Lily Cheng was born and raised in Canada to first generation immigrants from Taiwan.  They arrived to the country with only $300. Her mom worked in a factory and her father was an engineer until he recently retired.  Their example of hard work and sacrifice has given Lily a strong work ethic and a deep sense of gratitude.

After graduating with two full scholarship degrees from McMaster University and Ryerson University, Lily travelled to Taipei, Taiwan where she experienced first hand the challenges of starting a life from scratch.  While she was there she developed a thriving career in the media which included hosting radio and television shows. As a public figure in the media, Lily sought to contribute to the community and did so by organizing events for her fans to participate in volunteering for causes including an orphanage and environmental clean up.

Lily returned to Canada when her mother was diagnosed with ALS.  This was an extremely painful part of her journey as she supported her mom in the final years of her life.  This difficult experience helped Lily to clarify life’s priorities and also grew her compassion for people going through difficult struggles.

9 years ago, Lily married her husband Alan, and they started their family in Willowdale. They are now the proud parents of 2 beautiful kids. When her son was 6 months old, she started a group called North York Moms in order to build community for families in the neighbourhood.  The group has grown rapidly to 7000+ members in just 5 years. North York Moms has been life changing for many parents who can now connect to the group for resources, support, encouragement and community. Lily recognized a lack of space for families to gather - particularly for those raising kids in condominiums. Through her advocacy efforts a Parent Resource centre will now be included in one of the new developments at Yonge & Sheppard.

As the former Director of Community Engagement at a local church, Lily established a volunteer team of over 650 members that served families in Willowdale and throughout the GTA. Initiatives that Lily has championed include:

  • Making sandwiches for youth who are struggling with homelessness 
  • Making meals and serving dinner to those who are in need
  • Basketball and craft drop in for kids from under-resourced communities
  • Toddler visits to senior homes
  • Single Moms connection luncheons
  • Community dinners for local families
  • Community yard sale

In recognition for her contributions to the surrounding community, Lily was recently awarded a Canada 150 Commemorative Medal.

In the aftermath of the van attack on Yonge, Lily helped to spearhead a community response to bring care and healing to the Willowdale neighbourhood through a grassroots group called We Love Willowdale.  As a result, she was invited to represent the community as a co-host at the city vigil. In her sharing, she spoke of allowing this tragedy to become a defining moment for the community that would make everyone aware of their responsibility to contribute to caring for those around them.  Lily hopes that the resulting momentum to do good and care for others is something that will continue in the months and years to come.

As you can see, responding to needs in the community as an organizer and advocate is deeply embedded in Lily’s DNA.  She is someone who truly cares for those around her and would be a genuine voice for our community at Toronto City Council.  Vote for Lily Cheng for our community.