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To bring progress to Willowdale, we need to be a connected community across languages and cultures so we can:

  • Know our neighbours, 
  • Increase safety and 
  • Be responsive to challenges.


We will do this by:

  • Connecting neighbours through focused small neighbourhood events eg. street parties and local park event
  • Creating a digitally connected community across platforms including Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat, Viber, Telegram, and Kakao
  • Online town-hall consultations and surveys to maximize participation


Willowdale for Families

  • Advocate for schools to be fixed and expanded so kids can go to school in their neighbourhood.  
  • More daycare spots, community centre programs and green spaces to meet the needs of our growing population including seniors
  • Install bathrooms for parks with splash pads 
  • Advocate for affordable housing for families to stay in the neighbourhood

Transportation for Everyone

  • Advocate for Relief Line to Fairview Mall and Yonge Line extension
  • Make streets safer for pedestrians, bikes and cars including supporting the implementation of Vision Zero
  • Organize a community wide transportation audit to:
    • improve bus service, 
    • identify traffic and speeding hotspots,
    • implement measures to improve traffic flow and traffic calming, and
    • identify needs of pedestrians and bike riders
  • Timely and organized road and pothole fixes

Community Safety

  • Establish a digital neighbourhood watch program
  • Monthly neighbourhood crime incident reporting to community
  • Increase police patrols and presence in community
  • Strengthen support for under-resourced youth for training and job opportunities

Success for Businesses

  • Establish Willowdale Business Improvement Association
  • Build an entrepreneurial hub and brand Willowdale as a place of innovation with skilled workers
  • Attract more employers to Willowdale so residents can work in the neighbourhood and reduce commuting.

Design for the future

  • Prioritize community led planning for our neighbourhoods, including the Yonge North Secondary Plan and negotiation of community benefits in proposed developments
  • Re-visit ReImagine Yonge to maximize safety, public spaces, and minimize impact on traffic 


  • Build recycling capacity to include commonly used takeout containers
  • More green spaces including dog parks