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Michael Anthony
Bathurst Manor Community Organizer & High School Teacher

Lily's amazing community work is rooted in the fact that she is a good person with a profound sense of caring for her community. She amazes me by always organizing something new and innovative for the local community. Lily is, by far, the best choice for City Councillor in Ward 18.


Nikki Lamb Tudico
West Lansing Community Leader
& Business Owner

Lily Cheng has long been an incredible force for change in Willowdale. She has a keen ability to identify issues and bring the community together to create solutions and take action. She has spear-headed a number of local initiatives including the creation of a local food bank to tackle food insecurity, founding the Willowdale Covid Response Network to support our neighbours through the pandemic, as well as co-founding We Love Willowdale after the Toronto Van Attack left our community in shock, sadness and grief. Most recently she’s reinvigorated NeighbourLink North York into an amazing community development organization that supports those in need and leads initiatives that bring Willowdale together. She is a leader that inspires us all to come together to support our neighbours across Willowdale.  She is the obvious choice to lead and represent our community at City Hall.


Beth Little
Former Board Chair,
NeighbourLink North York
& Retired Nurse

In the time that I have known Lily Cheng

I have seen her inspire and motivate many people. Lily really listens and cares about the issues and concerns in people's lives. She has the ability to look at problems and find solutions. As city councillor she'll bring a fresh new perspective that we need in Willowdale.