Pauline Quan, Resident of Ward 29

"As an International Baccalaureate teacher and a certified adult educator, I have seen my fair share of excellent leaders, but Lily's unwavering commitment towards building a community, still impresses me. She has envisioned and fostered the village in which my husband and I are proud to raise our 3 kids. Over the last 5 years, I have sat in many meetings chaired by Lily and have watched in awe as she inspires others to work towards the goal. She listens, she cares and she helps. It is my honour to support her bid for city councillor."


Babak Khamsehi & Elham Taghavimehr, Resident of Ward 29

"Ever since we have met with Lily Cheng, her respected family, and Team Lily we have observed that she is willing to go above and beyond to lend extra hands. If you are a Canadian of any ethnic background, living in Willowdale, you should vote for Lily because of many reasons including the fact that she knows what our community is all about. She has shown it in so many ways including active involvement in the Toronto vigil and in establishing North York Moms and North York Dads communities. Lily is also very open to modernization, and innovation and exploring new ways to advance our living experience in our beautiful Willowdale."


HeeSun Choi, Resident of Willowdale

릴리를 알고 지낸 지 이제 5년이 되었습니다. 릴리처럼 커뮤니티를 위해 많은 일을 해온 사람을 만나는 건 일생에 한두 번일 것 같습니다. 마음 깊은 곳에서부터 편견 없이, 돈이나 명성을 추구하지않고 봉사하는 사람입니다. 릴리는 사람들을 한국인이나 이란인, 젊거나 나이 든 사람, 특권을 누리는 사람이나 누리지 못하는 사람으로 보지 않고, 도움을 받을 사람, 또는 다른 이에게 도움을 줄 수 있는 사람으로 봅니다. 릴리는 인정이 많고 총명함과 능력이 넘치는 사람입니다.
릴리에게 우리의 전적인 지지를 보냅니다!"


Warren & Patricia Mathias, Resident of Ward 29

"We would like to highly recommend Lily Cheng for city councillor. We are residents of the Willowdale community for 15 years and have three young boys. One of us is a Senior Director at one of the top five banks and a full time parent while being deeply engaged in the school and neighbourhood community. We have personally known Lily for more than 5 years and can personally attest to her strong work ethic, her passion for her community and absolute integrity. We have always been impressed with Lily’s vision to bring people together and her success in building an impressive community of families in North York. Lily is not afraid to back up her beliefs with her commitment of her time and effort. Lily is able to deal with a variety of people and personalities, yet not lose her cool, remain impartial and still get the job done. We see that as a gift that will be of great value to our community in her role as city councillor. Lily’s passion, vision and love of her community is exactly what our city and ward needs most at this time."


Victoria & Ed Wilson, Resident of Willowdale

"Our family met Lily 6 years ago, ever since we’ve been drawn to her contagious enthusiasm for family and passion for our community. Lily not only has our vote, she has our fondest respect. Thanks for all you do in our community Lily! We support you all the way!"


Doug McDougall, Former Senior VP of Celestica

"I’ve known Lily for just over three years and was impressed with her sincere concern for people, she reflects this concern through prayer and action. I’ve seen her follow through on commitments, making a difference in the people she’s touched. I’ve watched her lead and motivate people to serve together for the well being of groups and individuals. I’m one of those people and am happy to continue to support her since her motivations are for others and not self."


Chito Collantes, Founder of CWSS Canada-USA Immigration Services INC.

Vote for Lily Cheng for Councillor for ward 29 Willowdale North York! It’s great to have someone who will take action on our concerns!


Jenny Kim, Community Organizer 

We like to express our congratulations to our future city councillor Ward 29 Lily Cheng, first time meeting at Toronto strong Vigil prayer for the Victims Yonge and Sheppard and second at Mayor John Tory office. Good luck and wishing you all the best, we work together for the better future, with different multi-faiths leaders but with same mission for the people, loving, compassionate for humanity and the world peace.

Bonnie Chan, Willowdale Community Member 


Go Lily Cheng Go! I love changing the world! Even better, let's do it together! Thanks for your leadership. You rock! 


Nikki Lamb Tudico, Resident of Willowdale

You know how people always say "When are good, honest, ethical people going to run for office?!?"...well TODAY is the day.

So incredibly proud of Lily Cheng who today officially filed to run for Ward 29 City Councillor (Willowdale). This is one of those rare moments where someone who actually cares about the community and who genuinely has the best interest of residents at heart runs for office.

Lily Cheng is an incredible force to be reckoned with. She started North York Moms and has grown it to 7,000 members strong. Through this group and her work in the community, she has implemented programs to connect kids with seniors, helped feed those in need, lead a community refugee sponsorship initiative, supported single moms in need with on-going resources and luncheons, and overall been a beacon of strength and support.

When the tragic van attack struck our community, she immediately mobilized into action, co-founding We Love Willowdale and organizing the Reclaim Yonge Street Walk to the city-led vigil. She spoke at the vigil inspiring us to turn this tragedy into a defining moment for our community to do good and care for others. It became a defining moment for herself.

Today I had the honour of watching her start a new chapter in her life and couldn't be more excited to support her through this incredible campaign she is running. People want the anti-politician? A person of the people? That woman is Lily Cheng.




Fiona Ng, Community Leader 

Lily is a friend and therefore, I get to talk up about her! She’s been a part of the Willowdale community for a long time and frankly, one of the few who has worked tirelessly to link arms and/or kick start purposeful things FOR THE COMMUNITY! She isn’t just reacting to the needs and/or for an event but she has been proactive and always FOR THE COMMUNITY! She was never seeking or strive to be in the spot light but her heart and head was always about finding solutions and resources FOR THE COMMUNITY! She actually cares and wants to make a difference {together} FOR THE COMMUNITY! North York is also my home. I’m making my voice heard.

Tracy Dudgeon, Community Member 

So happy you took this risk. We need people like you!! Vote Lily to see change!!


Mathieu Yuill, Community Member 

Congratulations on putting your name forward. This is a perfect intersection of your passion and opportunity. You will be great!