Change the World Mom

Allowing Tragedy To Define Us

Willowdale Strong

Unfortunately, I am not a stranger to tragedy.  Walking 7 years with my mom as she died a slow death with ALS was the most heartbreaking tragedy of my life.  And then, more recently, the Toronto Van Attack happened in my neighbourhood - leaving a shadow of fear and grief on the streets that I often walk with my family.

The memory of this most recent tragedy has been rekindled with the Danforth shooting.  As another neighbourhood in our city grapples with shock and grief at the evil that descended upon a bustling community, I think about how such traumatic events can define us - hopefully for the better.

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Change the World Mom: Canvassing

The reality of campaigning has set in as I settle into a rhythm of canvassing - ie. knocking on doors and introducing myself to strangers. I love meeting people and cherish this opportunity to see the wonderful diversity of people that make up our neighbourhood. The tough part for me is keeping it brief. I want real connection and that takes more time than delivering a simple script of persuasion.

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Change the World Mom: Launched our Campaign!

Lily Campaign Launch
This past week we officially launched our campaign as I filed my nomination for city council in the new Ward 29 in Toronto.  It’s been a fast paced and surprising lead up.  Fast paced because we had only 6 weeks to prepare for filing my nomination.  Surprising because I only decided to run during the two weeks following the Toronto Vigil. 
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